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ET800C is for bus, taxi, connect to LED screen bar for public service text advertising,streaming media, released the text to show the relevant help text message. The ET800C GPS Camera Tracker, Taxi Meter Tracker (Bus/Taxi Version )[ Image monitoring version] is a comprehensive GPS, GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device for fleet management, AVL services. Optional mobile data terminal or handset phone for 2 way voice/ message communications, built- in memory for data buffer. It has outstanding multiple inputs and outputs: cut relay, temperature sensor, door
sensor, digital camera for image monitoring,etc.It is designed for almost any vehicles. With its compact and small size, easy installation inside the vehicle. U-blox GPS module and Huawei GPRS module. ET800C connect to GPS navigator for 2 way message and fleet dispatch solution (with worldwide maps).

FiYES distance report YES
FiYES location report YES
Geofence report YES
Storage for data buffer(1500 points) YES
Speed monitor YES
Milage monitor YES
Mobile phone location request YES
Alarm Emergency alarm YES
Stolen alarm  YES
SOS rescue YES
Damage alarm YES
Main power disconnect alarm YES
Voice monitor YES
Smart lock/unlock YES
User mobile phone SMS arm /disarm YES
Alarm/location report to user mobile YES
Recover alarm YES
Communication 2 way message YES
GPRS/SMS communication YES
Battery protection Smart power protection YES
Power saving mode YES
Lower voltage protection YES
Remote config Remote configuration YES
Control tracker status YES
Mobile phone configuration YES
Mobile arm / disarm YES
Firmware upgrade PC RS232 upgrade YES
GPS Antenna monitor Disconnect alarm YES
Short circuit alarm YES
Fuel monitor Fuel volume monitor
Lower fuel level alarm
Fuel abnormal increase alarm
Fuel abnormal decrease alarm
Below function need optional accessories 
Handset/MDT Voice/SMS Dial in/out  YES
Restricted dial  YES
Handfree voice call YES
Quick dial  YES
Voice history  YES
Phone book  YES
Message  YES
Dispatch information Dispatch data display  YES
Dispatch data feedback  YES
Voice message voice message voice messaging  YES
Camera image monitor Image capture upon command  YES
FiYES time image update  YES
Emergency auto image update YES
Auto image update by vehicle status change  YES
LED ad display message display Ad message display/dispatch


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