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The DR800 is a latest automobile travelling data & image recorder. A powerful in-vehicle system to enhance the fleet management and vehicle security.
Main functions
1. Self-check
After power-on, the data recorder will inspect system parts and ports.
2. Record, storage and collection functions for real-time clock, date and driving time
The recorder provides date and clock in Beijing Time with the format year/month/day for real-time date and hour/minute/second for real-time clock.
3. Driving management
1) Mileage and Speed statistics
The GPS Traveling Recorder can count daily mileage, over-speed record, fatigue driving record ,also could count the monthly vehicle driving record and the driver ‘s monthly driving record .
2) Record speed per minute
It could record the driving information within the latest 360 hours ,also the average driving speed value of the corresponding every minute between the vehicle during traveling and the real time hour .
4,Speeding alarm and the Recording function
When a car is faster than the preset speed value (can be set, i.e. 120km/h), the immediate sound “tick…” will remind the driver to slow down to avoid accidents, and the over speed alarm data is submitted to scheduling monitoring center automatically. Meanwhile, GPS Traveling Recorder could record the times of the over-speed, over-speed starting time, over-speed ending time, the highest speed ,as well as the driver’s driving license number etc .
5, Fatigue driving alarm and recording function
If a driver drives close to the value which have set before successively , the GPS traveling recorder will give a sound warning prompt, and the sound will be keep remind for 5 minutes . If he keep driving, the GPS Traveling recorder will begin to record and give sound warning;
6, Accident doubtful points record and analysis.
Recording the latest 10 teams doubtful points data before brake within 20s. The recorder will record such data as traveling speed and brake etc within 20s before brake in every 0.2s;
7. Displaying and printing
Via LCD displays the vehicle related information ,wireless communication parameter, the average speed before brake , the record of the fatigue driving , the current driver’s information ,over-speed record, mileage record information, message menu , message information query , current speed and ACC ,recorder series number etc information . It could be print the vehicle plate number , vehicle classify , driver code , driving license number , printing time ,the average speed before brake within 15 minute, fatigue driving record and the driver’s signature when braked .
8. The driver files and traffic information management functions
GPS Traveling Recorder can record the identity of the driver,and the drivers insert USB identity card to confirm their code every time before each driving.
9. Power-off protection
GPS Traveling Recorder has power-off protection function, which means the recorded data will be maintained for 10 years.
10. Data Communication Function
GPS Traveling Recorder can collect recorder data and set parameters via serial port or wireless module;
11. Real-time Positioning and Tracking
GPS Traveling Recorder is available for submitting real time positioning information according to preset
time interval to the server. The information including time, latitude & longitude ,speed ,direction and the
driving status etc to achieve the real time positioning tracking function .
12. Regional Speed Limit and Boundary Violation Alarm
Scheduling and monitoring center through the client-side to allocate the specific driving region, the GPS
Traveling recorder will submitted the alarm information if the vehicle driving out the specified region .
Scheduling and monitoring center set a region and also set the max speed limit value , the GPS traveling recorder will submitted the alarm information when the vehicle driving speed is over more than the preset max speed limit value .
13, Track Reappearance
The driving data ,position information ,speed, and time etc of a vehicle for a period of time may be saved in the server of the data center for query and reappearance through scheduling and monitoring center .,and
marked out with the map driving notice . The administrator could monitor the vehicle driving place
anytime anywhere as well as the current speed.
14, Emergency Alarm
The scheduling and monitoring center will receive the alarm information if the Emergency key is
pressed and held for more than 2 seconds in emergency. The emergency button could be placed where
shady and also easily be touched for the driver. Scheduling and monitoring center could provide the help
to the driver once got the alarm information.
15, Remote data pick up
Scheduling and monitoring center could remotely pick up the doubtful point record, over-speed record, fatigue record, and vehicle traveling record of the 360 hours.
16, Remote Oil and Power Cut
Instruction for oil and power breaking may be sent to the vehicle from the scheduling and monitoring center for preventing the vehicle from driving as necessary.
17, Route Scheduling
18, Image monitoring
Send the photo taking command through the scheduling and monitoring center , and upload the vehicle on-the-spot
photo to the center ,the upload manner could be collocate by yourself .
19, Image saved
The photo will be saved in SD card after the command allocate through the scheduling and monitoring center . and the photo which saved in SD card could be remotely picked up and viewed . ,also could insert the SD card into PC for taking a view .
20, Invoice talking
      Could be call the phone randomly through the communication handset, also could support to use mobile phone call terminal‘s SIM number to do
       the  voice communication


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