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Waterproof prisoner Bracelet / Ankle GPS Prisoner Tracker ( WT10 ) is a waterproof rugged GPS/GPRS/SMS bracelet unit for mobile tracking soluon. It is an ideal device for outdoor acvies, prisoner, bodycare and security services. WT10 accuracy is 1-5 meters in open area, it can be located indoor as well. Under standby mode, WT10 internal baery (1950m/Ah) lasts for 4-5 days. Standby power comsumpon 8m/Ah WT10 has the watch band taking off alarm, and an RF Lock, which, need a powerful magnet key to unlock the strap.

– Support indoor AGPS location
РSend back standard GPRMC data with coordinates, date, speed, course, mileage, AGPS data, events.
– Tracking (by time interval, distance interval or smart mode) .
– GSM/GPRS simultaneously
– Mileage report / Mileage reset / Mileage alarm
– Goolge Map link directly to mobile phone
– Data logging 2 ways:
1).2000 way points rolling flash for blunk GPRS area, and automatically obtain this data as soon as GPRS reconnected
2).Unlimited storage into mini SD card ( 1GB,4GB,8GB…), data obtain directly insert TF card into PC ( data in text format)
– SOS Emergency alarm.
– SOS Emergency call.
– Automatical circular Geofence alarm, radius 100 meters
– Regtangular Geofence alarm
– 4 quick dial/alarm number
– Built in mini SD card
– Built in WiFi
– Battery power low alarm
– Course alarm
– Speeding alarm
– Power saving mode by built in 3D motion sensor
– Fall down alert / Car moving alarm
– LCD GPS data display for navigation
– Voice communication .
– Voice wiretapping .
– Firmware upgrading by mini USB, and remotely.
– Unit password setting
– Remote Button lock
– Button action code report
– Power off alarm

– Ublox 6M module with AGPS assisted
– Quad Bands GSM with (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) .
– GPRS class 10,TCP/UDP protocol.
– GPS 20 channels receiving.
– Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 42/38/1 sec.
– Superior sensitivity:-159dBm tracking .
– Built-in rechargeable 1500mA/h Li-ion battery .
– Sleep mode power consumption: 8mAh
– Standby time: 5 days
– Built-in 4MB Flash Memory for data logger .
– Built-in 1GB~8GB mini SD card for unlimited data logging
– Built-in speaker and microphone.
– 1.5″ full color LCD display
– Control Buttons:
1. Quick call
2. Hang up / Power off
3. Manu button
4. 4 Quick dial out buttons
– Ultra low power consumption: GPS/GSM stand .
– Mini USB port for charging and data uploading
– Built in WiFi and remote control WiFi network


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